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My Best of Weddings post is probably my favorite blog I publish each year. It’s a rare time of reflection for me after the hustle and bustle of wedding season.

It’s typically the only time in the year that I sort through the thouuuusands of my images and narrow down some of my favorites. And trust me, there are a ton of favorites that have been left out for the sake of not boring you. But I *try* and pick out the ones that really make me feel something. The ones that tell a story of 2021. The ones where the light is just perfect.

In these blog posts, I don’t include that many posed couple portraits and hardly any details. I could put together an entire blog with those, too. But really what I want all of my couples to take away from their wedding gallery are photos like these. The photos with their family and friends. The candids. The hilarious moments. The tender ones.

So yes, I do have the honor of taking some gorgeous portraits and details created by my fellow St. Louis vendors. But today, I share this post wanting you see human moments.

I truly can’t believe another year has come and gone. Maybe that’s because that’s just life. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and a mom to a toddler, and time just flies by that way.

At the beginning of the year, my calendar was mainly filled with very small weddings as the population just started getting vaccinated. A lot of couples were just ready to do the damn thing and get married, even if it was small. I loved those weddings. They were also often on Mondays. Which was awesome.

As the year went on, larger weddings were BACK! So many of these weddings were reschedules or part twos, where couples had ceremonies in 2020 and their parties in 2021. I’m so dang happy for those couples. They were so patient and deserving. And many of them cried tears of joy as their wedding day finally came to fruition.

Thank you to all of my couples who chose me and gave me the opportunity to be your wedding photographer. Capturing these moments for you is one of my life’s greatest honors.

Onto 2022. I mean, like most people, I’d like to read the terms and conditions before I agree to another wild year, but I’m ready.

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