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My best of weddings blog is probably my favorite post to write each year. It’s a time of reflection and reliving some of my favorite moments.

What a year. What a year as a small business owner, new mother, and really just a person in this world.

I’m not going to lie, this year has been tough. It’s been tough navigating uncharted territory (we’re all sick of that term, aren’t we?) trying to do right by my clients and run a successful business. There’s been loss of income, reschedules, you name it. And then on a personal level, I’ve missed out on showing our child the world in what should have been a magical year. Like any new mom, I dreamed of what my child’s first birthday party would look like, and yet we had it over Zoom. There are so many moments that were taken from me this year. The list would be too long to name.

Looking through this year is bittersweet. There should have been more weddings in this post. I would have had a few destination weddings, too.  I wish my couples could have seen my smile looking back at their joy, but they saw my squinty eyes and a mask.

This year, though, has shown that joy and struggle can coexist.

We missed out on a lot, but we had a lot of joy, too. We spent more time at home with Avett. I spent more time outside. I still got to witness some amazing celebrations. I witnessed glimpses of human connection, whether together or virtual, that gave me hope for the future.

I know everyone has lost what should have been from life. What their wedding, pregnancy, school year, schooling, and everyday life should have looked like.

I hope among your struggle, you found joy as well. 

To all of my couples, whether you downsized your wedding, rescheduled, canceled, or just struggled navigating the roadblocks — I feel for you, I admire your determination, and your marriage will be so much stronger because of this experience. I hope you found joy this year no matter which route you chose.

Cheers to the New Year and more joy in 2021.

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