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It’s that time of year – my BEST OF 2022 WEDDINGS IS LIVE!

Every year my “best of weddings” blog post is a labor of love. I pour over thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of my photos, going through every wedding gallery I’ve delivered to clients. Do you know how hard it is to get down to 100 photos from that many photos? It’s very hard ????

However it’s always such a joy to revisit so many sweet moments and as a portfolio review as a photographer. This blog post is not one to highlight the best posed photos, but focused on the best natural moments.

I think every professional photographer gets imposter syndrome from time to time, questioning their value, talent, etc. Especially in this day and age of social media, it’s so easy to compare yourself to other talented photographers.

But when I gather some amazing candids and moments in one post, it emphasizes to me: the immense honor I have working with great individuals, the value I bring to couples’ wedding days, and the responsibility I have to document such important moments. 

2022 was my most successful year in business AND the first year in business as a mother of TWO! What a year it’s been.

This past wedding season couldn’t have been possible without my clients who wholeheartedly trusted me and my vision, my husband who took care of our kids while I spent my days with my couples, and all my family and friends with their support.

I especially want to express gratitude to my second shooters this past year. There are quite a few photos in this blog post captured by them, and ones that I am OBSESSED with and think, “damn, I wish I took that photo.” My second shooters are rockstars and so talented.

If you were a client of mine in 2022, a wholehearted THANK YOU for making this an amazing wedding season!!!

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