Welcome to the World, Avett

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We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our family. On November 21st, one day after my birthday, Avett (pronounced A-vitt) came into the world. He was chunky and perfect as can be at 9lb 12oz and 23 inches long.

The last week has been absolutely magic in every way, and parenthood has exceeded all of our expectations. We had an idealistic birth, which I hope to blog soon!

I will be taking it slow over the holidays, BUT between the newborn snuggles, I’ll still be replying to emails and wedding inquiries. My response time may be a little slower than normal, but I’m still taking 2020-2021 weddings while I’m on maternity leave.

We can’t wait to see who this little guy is going to grow up to be and we are so happy we are his parents.

Thank you all for the support we received so far! xo

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