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If you haven’t heard yet by following me on social media, we have some exciting news! WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!

Come November, we will be adding another soul to our family. Macklin and I started dating 9 years ago at ages 16 and 18, both babies ourselves with no idea of where it would lead us. But here we are and we couldn’t be more excited!

On International Women’s Day back in March, I took a little test and to my surprise, it was positive. After came disbelief and excitement. One of the hardest things is wanting to scream it from the rooftops but having to keep quiet about the best news ????Since then, we’ve been living our life as normal as possible until preparations really have to be underway!

People have had a lot of fun questions, so I thought I could do a little FAQ section below.



What will this look like for your business?

I really am hoping not too much will change! Thankfully, this baby will make their arrival during “slow season” in the wedding world, and I am SO thankful to have nearly five months off from weddings before I get back into the swing of things.

I’m not naive to think that nothing will change. My workflows will likely change, and challenges will definitely be added. As a first time mama, I’m already thinking about how I’ll have to pump during wedding days, and when and how I’ll get the work done. Women are powerful beings and wonderful multi-taskers, so while I know it may be hard, I know I will get shit done myself but also with the village around us.

If you are a bride or groom reading this, YES I’m still booking weddings as normal, taking weddings after April 2020. So don’t hesitate to contact me!



How did you first know you were pregnant?

Well, we were actively trying to have a baby. And because I’m type-A and impatient, I was testing very early. So I don’t have any crazy stories of “I felt sick and just knew.” I literally peed on a stick and I knew. Not until recently did I “feel” pregnant ????

Any food cravings?

Nothing too strange. But I do love McDonald’s double cheeseburgers more than usual.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I had slight food aversions but it would change day by day. I really have no interest in cooking or healthy foods still (yikes).

Have you had any morning sickness or any symptoms?

Around week 6, I started to feel what I call “blah.” I just felt tired, unmotivated, and from time to time slight nausea. I was never close to getting sick though, so it’s hard to call it morning sickness. By week 8, that was all done so my body must have done well adjusting to hormones. If you were wondering, I feel VERY VERY lucky. So many women have horrible pregnancies, and I send my condolences.

The WORST part of my pregnancy was when I had the flu/horrible cold. I felt so horrible, on top of pregnancy hormones surging through my body, and I couldn’t drug myself in a coma like I normally would with the flu. We don’t get the good shit while growing humans. It’s bullshit.

As for other symptoms, I’ve just been tired a lot and have to deal with headache from time to time. My boobs are sore and got huge. Sorry if that’s TMI, but these are normal human body responses so actually NOT SORRY.

Will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Any names?

YES and YES! But we are keeping both pretty much under wraps.

We were Team Green (not finding out the sex) for a while, but did I mention I was impatient? So we’re keeping it our little secret. We aren’t into the gender reveal thing for us personally. No hate for others that do it, we just wanted to find out privately.

And I personally don’t want to share with the name publicly because I don’t want to hear *potentially* negative feedback when we LOVE the name. So the public will know the name when baby is here!


Do you have a bump yet?

It’s getting there! I’m 16 weeks right now, so it’s borderline looking like a beer gut and also like I’m preggers. In the last couple of weeks, I really “popped” where I actually feel pregnant and clothes fit much differently.

In your pregnancy, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m so excited to feel the baby! Based on the doppler we have to hear the heartbeat, we can hear them moving around A LOT. And our last ultrasound showed some LONG ASS LEGS. You know Macklin is 6’5″ right? So yeah, I can’t wait to get the shit kicked out of me until November.

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have always been interested in the topic of birth. I’ve always been intrigued with natural birth and birthing without fear, and I truly believe a woman’s body knows what to do. Media portrays it as this terrifying thing that woman should be afraid of, and I don’t buy into that. So I’m so excited to finally experience my own birth (but still also scared of the unknown)!

I’m being cared for by the midwives at Mercy Birthing Center and we also hired a wonderful doula. I know that we are setting ourselves up for a great chance at a a low-intervention birth with a caring team. That’s all I can do, and the rest is up to body and baby!

Books or podcasts to recommend? Resources/Support?

Book by Emily Oster

The Birth Hour – Podcast featuring all types of birth stories

I’ve found SO much support on Reddit among other November mamas. If you’re expecting, follow the r/BabyBumps subreddit and you can find a group for mamas with the same due date. It’s been really fun going through it together when we are all just days or weeks apart.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them below in the comments and I can add them to the blog!

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  1. Momma Jen says:

    Love the post! 

  2. Lauren says:

    Love this!! We did not reveal the name for either girl for the exact same reason. Although it does get annoying having everyone constantly suggest names. Hope everything continues to go so well!

  3. Rachel Munsterman says:

    I’m hoping to take a similar, natural approach to my birth in November! I have been reading books by Ina May Gaskin, you would probably find them very interesting and informative about the topic! ????????????


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